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About me

My name is Wendy Donaugh, I am a Nurse  Practitioner and a Montana native.  I have practiced Rheumatology for a number of years in the state. My husband and I live on a farm and love animals and our Montana way of life. I love caring for patients and am excited to continue providing care in order to keep everyone living their best 406 life!

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My Approach

Patient care has always been my focus. I have been in Rheumatology for a number of years now and have grown frustrated with corporate medicine and the gerbil wheel of production that providers are expected to work under. My goal at The 406 is to provide patients with exceptional service and personalized care in order to improve patient outcomes as well as patient satisfaction and engagement. 

We are looking to hire an infusion nurse.  Posted on Indeed 


Here at the 406 Arthritis Clinic we provide treatment for a variety of autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, ankylosing spondylitis and many others. We also do joint injections and trigger point injections as well. We treat gout and osteoporosis and can help with joint pain and back pain. We can also help with fibromyalgia. We specialize in Rheumatology.  We offer in house X-Ray no need to drive across town.  Happy to say we are doing in house infusions.

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